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Interpacific Network Corporation

Since 1996, Interpacific Network Corporation has been providing customers with its diverse business consulting services. Some of the services we provide include assessing markets/business opportunities, research, business strategy, marketing, evaluating new technologies, and new services for the US and Japanese market places.

Interpacific Network Corporation is uniquely positioned to access its strong corporate connections, experienced professionals, knowledge of business development and transactions in both Japan and the US. We help companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs execute transactions, business plans, find, maintain customers and business partners, while growing relationships over time.

Product knowledge, although important, is simply not enough to successfully do business in Japan. It is just as important to understand Japanese culture, people and business protocols in order to find, establish, and grow strong relationships with your customers or business partners including distributors, sales representatives, or investors.

We have a great deal of experiences with Japanese companies, including Fortune 500 companies. Interpacific Network Corporation's professional teams provide you with the expertise in business transactions, strategies and cultural knowledge which you need to be successful in Japan. We are resourceful and focused while effectively driving business results in Japan. Also as Japanese government has established its special fund or Joint Credit Mechanism for Asian countries such as Myanmar, we also work with leaders of those countries.


Market Researches for New Business Development in Japan
Business Partnership Development in Japan
Strategic Business Network / Business Connection Referral in Japan
Account or Alliance Management Assistance, Liaison Service, or Agent for Japan
Business Strategy Development for Japan
Negotiation Assistance "Negotiation Interpreter" for Japan
Expat Training for Japan
Account Manager Training for Japan

Ongoing Projects include but not limited to:
Real World Data / New Generation EMR Development Deep Investigation in Japan

CO2 Reduction Related Businesses in Asia (with Sponsors)

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Market Research in Japan Interpacific Network Corporation will utilize its diverse business network to locate your potential customers. We will discover important feedback on your products or services so they can be successfully sold in Japan

Partnership in Japan Interpacific Network Corporation helps US corporations make inroads into Japan, delivering sales and marketing services for the Japanese market. We are the gateway to find the best partner for you.
Interpacific Network Corporation utilizes its ongoing, extensive business network and connections with many industry leaders and professionals to assess potential, and propose marketing strategies including partnership development for your products or services.

Business Connections in Japan It is who you know in Japan; Business connections are simply the key to doing business in Japan. Effective business communications and connections play a pivotal role between those doing business every day, working together in the same organization, perhaps colleagues attended the same university, they maybe related or neighbors. Those common bonds are the key to successfully executing in Japan.

Companies often develop business connections when they are successful together; perhaps they have executed well on a major business deal or investments. However, most of the time, companies depend on existing, well-maintained personal relationships to efficiently win business.

Account Management for Japan While establishing business relationships with Japanese companies and or organizations, it is important to remember that more often than not, they are focused on developing long-term relationships, therefore, it is important to prove to them that you and your company are focused on similar goals.

Once you build a good relationship with a company in Japan, it is often easier to explore and develop other opportunities together. Often, during tough times, you can count on your Japanese partner to step in and support you in a pinch. Please do not underestimate the power of establishing a strong relationship based on trust and mutual admiration.

Strategies for JapanLaunching your product, service and or brand is never easy no matter where your target market might be. When one launches in Japan, it is important not only to understand their business culture, structure, systems, conventions, patterns, law, and communication manner but one must also understand how these pieces fit together from a native’s perspective.

When planning your strategy for Japan, it is always important to revisit the fundamental question "what and who are you?" before you learn about who your potential customers might be. Then, one must review their products and or services, who are your competitors or inhibitors, what is your company’s core competency or intellectual property, what are your available assets in Japan, and what is your budget to execute properly in this lucrative market. Understanding who you are and answering the other questions above, will help you be successful throughout the region.

Negotiation in Japan Negotiations are inevitable and an essential component to executing any deal.
The way “they” negotiate in Japan may be different from how you would do so anywhere else in the world.

If you are the buyer, you might be able to negotiate as always, with a "high-hand" and a lot of directions, however if you do so, you inevitably will miss other opportunities to position yourself for additional deals or even greater opportunities.

Expat Training for Japan When you are sending your people to Japan, it is important to determine if the candidate will easily adapt along the sharp learning curve of Japanese culture before you spend a lot of money to relocate the person and maybe his or her family.

Account Manager Training for Japan When you are taking inroads to Japan, you will have to educate and train the account manager so the person will start strong in Japan.

Language skills, experiences and life skills that are not the most important attribute when hiring or partnering to execute within Japan; we have found that sincerity and focus are the most important attributes required to work 'things out" between American and Japanese companies. The ability to stay on top of things, delivering what is promised, and personal integrity is essential for the account manager in Japan. When you have that, then it is important to know how to properly express yourself in Japan, so your potential partners and or clients understand who you and your company are and why they must partner with you.

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